Business Documentaries

We help entrepreneurs, coaches, public speakers, and professionals share their expertise with the world. Vandercom Business documentaries are designed for professionals in every field who want to share their knowledge, calling and expertise with a wider audience.

Behind every business is a story. It may be about early mornings and late nights, a moment of genius that ignited the change of an industry, a huge risk that paid off or patient growth and investment.

More than ever, customers choose where they shop and what they buy because of the story behind the product and the values it embodies.

Vandercom creates a professional documentary that connects with your customers.

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Expertly made biographical films

Not everyone makes monumental discoveries or starts movements of global change, but everyone’s story contributes to the tapestry that is life on earth.

Make your contribution to the story of your family by sharing the story of who you are in a beautiful film. It’s a wonderful opportunity to look back on your life, and to share with your loved ones some of the wisdom you’ve gained. It’s a powerful, memorable experience that produces something the family will treasure.

Sharing your story with the world

Our award-winning team can help package your project for Global Film Festivals, Self-Distribution and Promotion on major platforms like Amazon Prime.

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